Passage Home

Raleigh, North Carolina

"He who does not cultivate his field will die of hunger."
Guinean Proverb

The Passage Home, Inc. Mission

Our Mission is to bring area churches together to help strengthen low wealth families and neighborhoods using a community economic development strategy that includes helping families in transition, developing affordable housing including home ownership opportunities, creating economic opportunities that build family self-sufficiency and assets in low wealth neighborhoods and by encouraging the spiritual well being of the communities we serve.

Adopted April 24, 1997

The programs of Passage Home include:

  • Matthew House. Transitional housing for homeless families and those at risk.
  • Harriet's House. Transitional housing for ex-offender mothers and their children.
  • CONNECTIONS. Self-help Support group and Small Business Development.
  • Moving Home. Aftercare for families moving into permanent housing and referrals for Community Services Support.
  • Home Ownership Training. Counseling that includes credit repair, debt reduction, savings accumulation, and mortgage qualification.
  • Brown Birch Community Coalition. Residents of the Brown Birch Apartments and other members of the community working to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood.

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"When I was hungry, you gave me to eat, when I was thirsty, you gave me to drink, and when I was homeless you gave me shelter"
Matthew Chapter 25

Matthew House Remains a Cornerstone

Matthew House is the cornerstone of the Passage Home continuum of housing and support services. This is original ministry coming from the support of St. Francis and Lincoln Park Holiness, when the two faith communities came to together in 1990 in a shared vision:

To establish a faith based organization that would meet the needs of very low income or homeless families in our community.

Matthew House continues to strengthen its Outreach & Prevention program in which families at risk of becoming homeless enter into prevention planning and budget counseling in order to establish and work toward long-term goals of self sufficiency. Each of these programs builds upon our early successes of helping families.

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Harriet's House

"I had crossed the line of which I had so long been dreaming.
I was free; but there was no one to welcome me.."

Harriet Tubman

Responding to the Needs of Women and Families

Raleigh is home to the North Carolina Center for Women (Women's Prison) and the Raleigh Correctional Center for Women (RCCW). Together these two facilities house more than 900 female inmates. In response to the needs of the women living in these prisons and their children, Harriet's House was created in 1992 by women in Raleigh's faith community. Harriet's House became part of Passage Home in 1993.

Harriet's House provides housing and support services for women leaving prison who have realistic goals of regaining and maintaining physical custody of their children. The overall goals of this endeavor are self-sufficiency and reduction of recidivism. The program, includes three phases: a pre-release component, while women are still in prison; a one year transitional component during which the women receive housing subsidized by the program and support services; and an after-care component.

During the transitional phase some or all of the participants' children are reunited with them. Support for the children, before and after they are reunited with their mothers, is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the program.

In addition to the Harriet's House staff the program receives assistance from the Harriet's House Steering Committee. The committee is made up of prison social workers, business persons, lawyers, county agencies and representatives from other nonprofit agencies who serve similar populations.

Although Harriet's House receives some financial support from individuals, churches and foundations, its primary source of funding is the North Carolina General Assembly. Future plans include the purchase of three duplexes in order to provide better affordable housing for the Harriet's House families.

Harriet's House is a unique attempt to meet the significant needs of women who have been incarcerated and their children. The staff and Steering Committee members continue to learn more about what it takes to create healthy, self-sufficient families from the women, children as well as each other.

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There is no greater blessing than a friend who's there when good times aren't

Building a Network of Support

CONNECTIONS is a self-help support network. By assisting one another, low income families with children assume more control, responsibility and productivity in their lives.

Through the CONNECTIONS network, Passage Home women support each other as they seek to achieve higher levels of economic self-sufficiency and stable permanent housing.

CONNECTIONS helps women provide peer support, learn leadership skills, and explore business development opportunities. All these components work together to encourage full participation in the community.

Business Venture Launched

Passage Home has launched a new catering business designed to give homeless women an opportunity to learn the benefits of entrepreneurship. As a means of providing a vehicle that would allow women of CONNECTIONS to reach a higher level of self-sufficiency, "Catering with CONNECTIONS" was initiated.

The women in the program discovered the idea with assistance of the former Program Manager for Matthew House. She was homeless when she arrived in Raleigh and was forced to move in with her mother. With no job prospects she began exploring entrepreneurial opportunities and started her own catering and cleaning service.

The initial planning for the catering business came in one of the monthly support meetings for women participating in Passage Home. In the words of the participants, this opportunity has built "self-esteem" to the point where they feel they will never be homeless again.

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Brown Birch Community Coalition

Brown Birch is an apartment community in South East Raleigh. Residents of the neighborhood and other stake-holders, such as land owners, business owners, police and Passage Home are forging a coalition to try to improve the quality of life in the community.

Volunteer Workdays at Brown Birch Appartment Community

Have a Hand in making a difference
Saturdays 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
New dates to be announced. Keep watching. Workdays will include painting, gardening, and general landscaping.

Please call David Baker at 828-1355 if you are interested in helping out.
These workdays are sponsored by Passage Home.

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The Church Partners that support Passage Home are:
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Lincoln Park Holiness Church St. Mark's Episcopal Church
Oak City Baptist Church St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Mt. Pleasant Holy Church